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Solution Selling®

The Solution Selling® Suite is a proven, integrated end-to-end sales training and professional development program for sales professionals, managers, and marketers. The suite addresses crucial management, planning, sales execution, and sales tool requirements for companies that are striving to consistently sell high value solutions.


NEED TO TRANSFORM YOUR SALES CULTURE? Download our whitepaper "From product-Centric to Solution-Centric". >>


Why Solution Selling®?

In today’s global marketplace, sales executives are asking themselves:

How can our organization compete more effectively?
How can our organization deliver ever increasing levels of revenue and profit production?
How can our organization effectively increase the velocity of sales opportunities and close them sooner?

At the same time customers are becoming more demanding as they have dealings with sales professionals. The customer must have a viable and urgent need to act, they must be able to quantify the value of any acquisition, and they often analyze several alternatives before making a decision.

To compete in today’s tough marketplace, sales professionals need to:

Fully understand each customer’s critical business issues, their causes and effects
Identify the real influencers in the decision process quickly
Identify customer buying procedures and protocols early in the sales cycle
Accurately predict the timing for closing of the sale
Minimize discounts and protect margins at closing

Solution Selling® addresses these and many other selling issues by aligning the sales professional with the customer and accelerating sales transactions.

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The World’s Standard for Sales Execution Process

Over 600,000 sales professionals use Solution Selling® around the world today, making it the industry standard for sales execution process. Why? The majority of our clients want to develop high performance sales cultures that dramatically improve sales effectiveness and increase sales efficiency.

What is the common result? Our clients develop sales teams that differentiate themselves not only by what they sell, but also by how well they sell.