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Solutions Selling® Suite – Skills Development Training

SPI provides essential sales management, planning, and execution methodologies and workshops to support the sales process – all aligned and compatible with proven Solution Selling® principles.

Solution Selling for Sales Execution™

The industry standard in sales execution process, Solution Selling® enables sales professionals to perform the right tasks in the right manner at the right time, and win more business.

Solution Selling for Strategic Opportunity Planning™

This program shows how to determine what opportunities to pursue, what resources to engage, when to apply those resources, and with whom to apply them, in order to win competitive transactions.

Solution Selling for Account Planning & Management

This account planning and management program – compatible with Solution Selling® principles – enables salespeople to find new opportunities, while protecting accounts against competitive encroachment.

Solution Selling for Territory Planning™

This program ensures that salespeople know how to identify their most lucrative accounts, without losing touch with all the other accounts in their assigned markets.

Solution Selling to Executives™

This methodology and program gives sales people a proven way to engage in dialog with high- and mid-level executives, build a long-term relationship of value with the executive, and move towards the “trusted advisor” relationship.

Solution Selling for Sales Management™

Powered by Solution Selling®, this program shows how to accurately analyze sales opportunities and pipelines, and to coach salespeople to higher levels of performance.

Solution Selling for Channel Management™

Solution Selling for Channel Management™ enables indirect sales channel managers to produce higher and more consistent sales results from partners they sell to, with or through to end-user customers.

Solution Selling for Call Centers™

Solution Selling for Call Centers™ is a methodology and program that provides call center agents with highly effective sales scripts to help stimulate interest and improve conversion rates.

Custom Programs

Our experienced professional at SPI draw from an extensive library of proven best practices to quickly create an effective sales process that meets your specific requirements.

Public Workshops

SPI offers convenient public workshops of our most popular programs in regional locations, for individuals who want to become Powered by Solution Selling®.