Solution Selling Legacy

Solution Selling® is the industry standard for sales execution process. Used by more than 600,000 sales professionals worldwide, Solution Selling provides the foundation of process and practices that can make "eagles" out of average sales performers.

Originally developed in the 1980's, Solution Selling has evolved considerably to keep pace with the latest economic trends and business conditions. In general, the pace of decision-making in customers' buying cycles has accelerated, driven by improved communications and global competition. Since Solution Selling was first developed, the world has seen the introduction of the Internet, the World Wide Web, advanced multi-channel sales strategies, greatly improved telecommunications and computing productivity tools, and emerging international markets.

The Future of Solution Selling®

SPI continues to research the most effective selling practices in the world, and we are committed to constantly refining and improving the content contained in Solution Selling, and throughout our entire portfolio of sales performance improvement offerings.