Essential sales planning, execution, and management methodologies and workshops support a multi-channel, end-to-end sales process.

We need to improve the fundamental skills and knowledge of our sales team and need to become more consultative in our sales approach

Solution Selling for Sales Execution is a methodology and workshop that helps salespeople diagnose customer problems and align their selling activities to the steps of a buying organization’s process

We need to improve our win rates for large, complex opportunities

Solution Selling for Strategic Opportunity Planning is a planning methodology which applies intense focus on winning key strategic sales opportunities within an account

We need to more effectively “harvest” revenues from existing strategic accounts

Solution Selling for Account Planning & Management is a methodology and workshop designed to gain the highest levels of revenue attainment and client satisfaction for teams selling to large, strategic accounts

We need to ensure that our sales people are correctly targeting and working the highest priority accounts

Solution Selling for Territory Planning is a methodology and workshop that focuses on the segmentation of accounts and opportunities in a defined territory in order to prioritize sales resource investments

We need our sales people to become more effective at accessing and selling to executives

Solution Selling to Executives is a methodology and program that gives sales people a proven way to engage in dialog with high- and mid-level executives that leads to strategic revenue opportunities.

We need our sales managers to be effective coaches and improve forecast predictability

Solution Selling for Sales Management is a methodology and workshop that gives sales managers a proven way to drive significant productivity and effectiveness increases in the sales force, as well as improve forecast accuracy

We’re not achieving our revenue and profitability targets from our indirect sales channel partners

Solution Selling for Channel Management enables indirect sales channel managers to produce higher and more consistent sales results from partners they sell to, with or through to end-user customers

We need our agents to be more effective at stimulating interest in our offerings and convert those same customers who are "willing to explore" to customers who "will buy"

Solution Selling for Call Centers is a methodology and program that provides call center agents with highly effective sales scripts to help stimulate interest and improve conversion rates