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The New Solution Selling (McGraw-Hill, 2003)

The sales profession has changed tremendously in the past decade. Buyers who once had time to discuss their problems now expect sales professionals to already know and understand those problems before they arrive. More importantly, these buyers will only listen to-and buy from-salespeople who can provide them with solutions that are both convincing and workable.

The New Solution Selling shows how to apply the proven Solution Selling approach in the can’t-stop-to-talk pace of today’s business.  The result is a logical and practical process for sales success, one that improves both individual productivity and organizational return on investment.


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This important book features:

Completely updated Solution Selling philosophies, management systems, and architecture for today’s touch sales environment
New tools designed to increase the quality and velocity of sales pipeline opportunities
Improved methods for overcoming the all-too-common situation when your product is not your buyer’s first choice-or even their second
New techniques for dramatically improving your prospecting accuracy and success
Effective strategies for shifting an organization’s focus from product selling to Solution Selling - at every level, throughout every operation

The original edition of Solution Selling changed the face of selling by transforming the rules for one-to-one selling. The New Solution Selling comprehensively updates this proven effective approach for winning business with today’s no-nonsense markets and buyers. A practical guide designed to provide hands-on value to frontline salespeople as well as sales managers and executives, this step-by-step book shows you how to streamline the sales process by:

Understanding your buyers, their situations and, most importantly, their needs
Supplying mutually defined solutions to your customers’ recognized problems
Ensuring "Eagle" sales performance that can be measured and replicated

The New Solution Selling presents the next evolution of the Solution Selling process, one that is easier than ever to understand and execute. Whatever your product, market, or role in your sales organization, let this results-based book show you how to improve your sales performance by first understanding your customers’ challenges-and then providing intelligent, accessible, and field-proven solutions to those problems.

The New Solution Selling is authored by Keith M. Eades, founder, chairman and senior managing partner of Sales Performance International, today’s foremost sales performance improvement organization. He has personally trained thousands of sales and sales management professionals. The author of a number of influential books on sales and sales performance, he is also an internationally renowned speaker and presenter.

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