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The Solution-Centric Organization (McGraw-Hill, 2006)


To meet the challenges of global competition in the twenty-first century, companies in all types of industries must start defining themselves by the problems they solve rather than the products they sell. It they can make this transition, they can achieve larger sales volumes, increased revenue, and other greater customer loyalty. Great companies like Microsoft, IBM, and HP are already shifting their focus from products to solutions.


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This landmark book explains how to align all aspects of marketing into the problem/solution framework...apply solution-selling techniques to all channels...and provide comprehensive support for your solution-centric disciplines.

Management experts Eades and Kear arm you with detailed criteria for revaluating your business in terms of the solution-centric model plus starting points for taking action and benchmarks for measuring performance.

Packed with results-oriented templates, methods, and illustrations, The Solution-Centric Organization will enable you to:

Dramatically improve your value position with customers and differentiate your product offerings
Boost your marketing team’s potential to directly increase sales and revenue
Enhance your sales team’s ability to diagnose customer problems and provide solutions
Create sustainable performance improvements and pave the way for further improvements


Book Reviews

“This book is a must read for managers or executives that are looking for a fresh approach to old sales and marketing issues. The issues and challenges discussed in ‘The Solution-Centric Organization’ are right on track with the rapidly evolving market environment of today. If companies are going to add value through differentiation, they must find a way to systemically build an enterprise that can integrate sales and marketing with the new solution-centric discipline that the authors outline step by step.”

Paul R. Block, Chairman and CEO, Merisant Worldwide, Inc.

“Until now, integrating solution-centric thinking throughout the organization (to support the solution focus) has been left to individual sales professionals and their managers. ‘The Solution-Centric Organization’ provides a jumpstart for building a significant sustainable, solution centric advantage.”

John A. Weber, Associate Professor of Marketing. University of Notre Dame

“The fact that sales organizations must transition from being product-centric to solution-centric is clear to virtually all CSOs; how to do it is not! What we need today is for someone to cut through all the hype about getting closer to our customers, and show us how to do it. Eades and Kear are those visionaries, and ‘The Solution-Centric Organization’ is that roadmap to change. They provide a step-by-step map for how to navigate this paradigm shift in order to turn ‘how you sell’ into a sustainable competitive advantage.”

Jim Dickie, Founder, CSO Insights

“In this day and age, with global competitors coming frequently and from all directions, this book is a must read for anyone in the company executive suite. Often executives like ideas and concepts but have little or no idea on how to start moving forward. This book gives executives both the ideas as to how to proceed – and the practical steps for getting the transformation process underway.”

Rick Ramsden, Former Managing Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting

“Post 2000 buying patterns have changed the ground rules to compete and win and thus the term ‘solution-centric’ has a very different meaning in today’s marketplace. Competitive differentiation today from a “product” perspective is short lived – true long-term ‘customer value’ must be delivered with intellectual capital and become the ‘DNA’ of the company. This book gets the message across in an enlightened way for the reader.”

J. G. Licata, Jr., President, Siemens Enterprise Networks

“ ‘The Solution-Centric Organization’ offers a strategy that every organization can apply and escape the commodity trap. Instead of focusing on products, their features and how great they may be, the successful seller must focus on customers, their needs and how products can be linked to provide value enhancing solutions for customers. Doing this successfully requires a fundamental corporate reorientation, and Eades and Kear offer practical methods and techniques to make this transformation.”

Bruce Yandle, Interim Dean and Professor of Economics Emeritus, College of Business & Behavioral Science, Clemson University