The Training Team

The Solution Selling® Suite provides a proven, integrated curriculum for critical skills and knowledge improvement at the individual, team, and management levels. These methodology and educational offerings can be selectively applied to meet specific skills gaps, or adapted and integrated to provide an end-to-end educational platform for all roles in the sales organization.


We need to identify key skills gaps in the sales organization to better target training programs

STAR Gauge™, our sales talent assessment andreporting methodology, objectively determines where key skills and knowledge gaps exist


We need to develop a sales academy/university that provides a tailored curriculum for specific roles and career levels in the sales and marketing organizations

STAR Plan™, a curriculum planning and development methodology, provides a structured, systematic approach for defining and developing role- based training plans for sales and marketing


We need “modular” sales training curriculum to address specific sales and management learning needs

The Solution Selling® Suite provides a comprehensive, flexible skills and knowledge curriculum for sales professionals, managers and marketers


We need to develop metrics to demonstrate the business value of training programs

The Sales Training Measurement Framework™ provides a structured approach to measure the training impact on key operational and financial performance indicators