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The Sales Team

According to a recent study undwerwritten by Sales Performance International and conducted by CSO Insight, more than 86% of respondents indicated that a sales process either improves or significantly improves their sales effectiveness.   CSO Insights has also found that key performance metrics directly correlate to sales process maturity level -- and that only "level four" organizations realize the remarkable performance differences noted below:


11.6% higher quota attainment

13.5% improvement in win rates of forecasted deals

30% reduction in turnover

185% improvement in cross selling and up selling

143% improvement in selling value and avoiding excessive discounting


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But the question remains, what is a "sales process"? Misconceptions abound -- impacting how we approach sales effectiveness initiations.



A few of the more common misconceptions heard in the market include:


We have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system; therefore we have a sales process.


We have a set of funnel milestones and associated probabilities; therefore we have a sales process.


We have a documented set of activities to advance a deal from lead to close; therefore we have a sales process.


We have a single sales methodology; therefore we have a sales process.


SPI provides the sales organization with a comprehensive approach for successful institutionalization of skills and methods into business practices, including process,  methodology, and adoption.


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